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   About GBWN — The Great Basin Water Network (GBWN) protects the water resources of the Great Basin for current and future residents. GBWN is an all volunteer 501c3 Non-Government Organization (NGO). GBWN supports water conservation programs for urban and rural communities that address economic incentives for water smart-practices as opposed to building multi-million dollar water extraction projects. Read the latest GBWN Newsletter [6 Pages] Water Gab Newsletter

   Litigation — Southern Nevada Water Authority's plans to convey millions of gallons of groundwater from central and eastern Nevada to Las Vegas have generated a deluge of legal challenges at the state and federal level. Pending before the Nevada Supreme Court is the appeal of Judge Estes' district court decision. At the federal level, GBWN's appeal of BLM's Record of Decision and Final EIS awaits action in federal district court in Las Vegas. Participating parties challenging the water decisions in court include Nevada and Utah local governments, Tribes, businesses, non-profit organizations (like GBWN) and a long list of citizens who have joined the fight: Read the legal Arguments.

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USGS Report — Hydrology Groundwater Movement, Snake Valley
Nevada State Engineer — Report to the Public Lands Committee on Listening Sessions

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   In The News — Below are press stories about the ongoing drought in the west, as well as information about the Southern Nevada Water Authority’ (SNWA) “Water Grab” proposed in eastern Nevada and northwestern Utah, along with other development projects that threaten water resources of the Great Basin.

September 25, 2014 — Editorial The water that lies in Snake Valley should stay in Snake Valley — Leave Snake Valley water alone . . . Sorry, Las Vegas, but the water that lies in Snake Valley should stay in Snake Valley — sltrib.com

September 2014 — When the Snows Fail, The American West faces persistent drought, whether or not relief comes this winter . When will the hard choices be made?
By By Michelle Nijhuis – Photographs by Peter Essick, National Geographic Magazine

  The Impact of Snowpack
  Tapping the West
  Living With Fire

Brian Maffly, The Salt Lake Tribune September 23, 2014 — Study: Nevada withdrawals would hurt Snake Valley springs —For years, Snake Valley ranchers and environmentalists have complained Las Vegas’ designs on rural groundwater would wreck their livelihoods and dry up fragile desert ecosystems in Utah’s West Desert. After years of groundwater monitoring and data analysis, new science is now confirming those fears—which are driven by the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s (SNWA) proposal to tap Snake Valley aquifers. The U.S. Geological Survey last week published conclusions that the proposed withdrawals will depress groundwater levels and reduce discharge into the springs that support agriculture in this remote region straddling the Utah-Nevada line west of Delta — sttrib.com [Link to USGS sutdy — Report: 2014-5103]

September 22, 2014 — Editorial: Utah should not hide the true cost of water Don’t dilute the price of water — A new report from the Utah Foundation points out something that should be obvious: Using property taxes to subsidize the delivery of water to homes and businesses in this, the second-most arid state in the nation, distorts the market and hides the true cost of collecting, treating and delivering water — sttrib.com

September 21, 2014 — More drought forecast next year across West — RENO, Nev. Forecasters say severe drought or worse will continue into next year across much of the West, including parts of western Utah, most of Nevada and practically all of California. Below-normal precipitation and normal or above-normal temperatures are forecast in the week ahead, according to the National Weather Service, and experts say the three-year drought isn't likely to be relieved in October, November and December — AP [More Coverage — Truckeeriver.org]

September 18, 2014 — With Close to Average Runoff, Lake Mead Holds Its Own in Late Summer — Lake Mead, the vast reservoir behind iconic Hoover Dam outside Las Vegas, is holding its own in later summer, after plummeting in July past levels not seen since it first filled in the 1930s. The surface elevation of Lake Mead reached the historic low of 1,081.75 feet above sea level during the week of July 7, according to the Bureau of Reclamation. On Aug. 13, the bureau reported the level at 1,080. But as of Wednesday, it had inched back to 1,081.31. — Inewsnetwork.org

September 17, 2014 — Flowing Toward 2050: Utah’s Water Outlook — Utah’s population is projected to grow by 2.5 million people in the next 35 years. The implications of this projected growth are far reaching for state and local agencies and for policy makers. Previous reports in the 2014 population growth series have discussed where growth will occur, who new Utahns will be, and what they will need to continue to have the quality of life that current Utahns enjoy. This report, the third in a four-part series, focuses on the interaction between population growth and future water supply — UtahFoundation.org

September 17, 2014 — Sweeping new California groundwater pumping rules signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown — SACRAMENTO — For centuries, California's groundwater has been freely available to anyone who could siphon the coveted natural resource from the earth. But that changed Tuesday with the stroke of a pen. Seeking to replenish a depleted water table and catch up with the rest of the West, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a package of bills sought by environmentalists that will regulate groundwater pumping for the first time in state history — ContraCostaTimes.com

Photo , Ray Boren September 17, 2014 — Groups appeal decision in Utah nuclear power plant case — SALT LAKE CITY — Environmental groups led by anti-nuclear activists HEAL Utah are challenging a judicial ruling that upheld Utah's decision to allow Green River water to be used in a proposed nuclear power plant . . . “The Colorado River basin is already over-allocated,” said John Weisheit, conservation director of Living Rivers, one of the groups involved in the lawsuit — DeseretNews.com

September 10, 2014 — Dramatic photographs capture the mighty Colorado River kissing the sea for the first time in 50-years off the coast of Mexico after dams were intentionally unleashed — Photographer Pete McBride followed the Colorado River as its original course was restored for the first time in 50 years; In March, Mexico's Morelos Dam unleashed billions of gallons of water allowing the river to flow to the coast; The photographer and an expedition team paddle boarded the rivers old route — By JAMES NYE FOR MAILONLINE and AP

September 08, 2014 — Can even drought end California’s love affair with private swimming pools? — RawStory.com

September 05, 2014 — Calif. Hustle and Flow: Here's Who Really Controls California's Water — The Golden State's historic drought has made these water power brokers more powerful than ever. — By Josh Harkinson - MotherJones.com

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   GBWN Video Files Baker Family Ranches Video The Consequences...Transporting Snake Valley Water to Satisfy a Thirsty Las Vegas: An Eastern Nevada Rancher's Story is a virtual water tour of Snake Valley. Baker Family Ranches has produced the DVD to help people understand that there is not enough water in Snake Valley to justify the Southern

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